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  • Photo PONOVO PWF


    Fiber optic relay test system For use with electronic CT and PT digital substations.
  • Photo PONOVO S100A

    PONOVO: S100A

    Relay test system Specifications: Single phase (1) current: 100A (3) voltages: 120V Additional 200mA...
  • Photo PONOVO 200A

    PONOVO: 200A

    Relay test systems Specifications: Single phase High power current source for high burden relay test...
  • Photo PONOVO T1000

    PONOVO: T1000

    Primary Injection and Test system Specifications: 2 minutes continuous output at 1000A Flexible cont...
  • Photo PONOVO PW636i

    PONOVO: PW636i

    Test system Specifications: 6*32A, 4*300V Aux DC (0-300V), DC measuring inputs 8 binary inputs, 8 bi...
  • Photo PONOVO S10A

    PONOVO: S10A

    Relay test system Specifications: (3) 10A, (3) 150V Additional 200mA AC current source Aux DC (24V, ...
  • Photo PONOVO PW460

    PONOVO: PW460

    Test system Specifications: 6*15A, 4*300V Aux DC (0-300V), DC measuring inputs 8 binary inputs, 8 bi...
  • Photo PONOVO PW666i

    PONOVO: PW666i

    Protection relay test system Comes with power system simulator Built-in IEC 61850 communication prot...
  • Photo PONOVO PW431D

    PONOVO: PW431D

    Front panel control relay test system Features: (6) 15A, (4) 150V Aux DC (0-300V) DC measuring input...
  • Photo PONOVO L336i

    PONOVO: L336i

    Test system (6) 15A and (4) 120V or 150V Features: Binary inputs with adjustable threshold Use LAN p...
  • Photo PONOVO POM2


    Modular type relay test system (4) Modules Specifications: Current: 6x15Aac/dc Voltage: 4x300Vac/dc ...
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