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ID: 293621607
Chopped controller.
STANFORD RESEARCH SYSTEMS / SRS SR540 is an advanced electronic test equipment instrument designed to provide precise measurements of high-frequency signals and parameters. It offers a wide range of features including: automatic calibration, high accuracy, fast tuning, low noise, and low-level operation. With its built-in auto-calibration feature, the instrument can quickly and easily find the optimal settings to ensure reliable and repeatable measurements. SRS SR540 features a direct digital-to-analog converter (DAC) that provides superior accuracy and measurement speed. It comes with a 10 MHz bandwidth and a variety of signal sources and display modes. Additionally, the instrument includes a 2-channel input source and a dual 10-bit digital output for external control. The versatile STANFORD RESEARCH SYSTEMS SR540 is also equipped with a range of automated measurement functionality, such as spectrum analysis, power analysis, distortion measurements, phase noise, and harmonic distortion. The instrument can measure a wide range of signals and frequencies with a maximum frequency of 20GHz. In addition, it is compatible with multiple probes and connectors, allowing for the connection of multiple components. SR540 offers a user-friendly interface with intuitive menus and options, allowing for easy navigation and operation. The control panel is designed to provide a user-friendly presentation of the parameters and settings. This interface allows users to quickly access the instrument's features as needed. The instrument is also equipped with a wide selection of communication interfaces, such as USB, RS-232, LAN and GPIB, in order to connect to external devices. Overall, STANFORD RESEARCH SYSTEMS / SRS SR540 is a high-performance, reliable test and measurement instrument which can be used to accurately measure parameters and signals with minimal noise and distortion. With its wide range of features and capabilities, users can ensure that their measurements are precise and repeatable.